If Quinn Becomes Gov, Watch Taxes Go Up

The following op-ed by ITEF’s Dennis Constant appeared in today’s Chicago Sun-Times
The legal system, not the press, will determine if Gov. Blagojevich has committed any crime regarding the Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama. But one thing is certain: If Blagojevich is forced from office and is replaced by Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn, it will be bad news for Illinois taxpayers. Read more

State lacks convictions, not corruption

The following article originally appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times on January 7, 2009.
The national media has spoken, Illinois, and it has said that you’re not really all that corrupt — a backhanded compliment for a state with a long, proud heritage of political corruption.
On Dec. 10, USA Today ranked the state the 18th most corrupt in the nation. Soon after, the Dec. 14 New York Times calculated crookedness three ways, placing Illinois at 7th, 22nd, and tied for 10th. All rankings focused on number of convictions. Read more