NTUI's Rockford Press Conference Attended By All 4 Rockford TV Networks

Jim Tobin in Rockford
Rockford – NTUI President Jim Tobin held a press conference in Rockford on April 28, 2009 to oppose Gov. Quinn’s tax increases.  The Conference was covered by all 4 Rockford TV networks.  Later, Tobin gave a 1 hour interview with WNTA Live Talk Radio Rockford, slamming Quinn’s proposed 50% income increase.    

Jim Tobin on Fox TV News Chicago

Jim Tobin appeared on Fox TV News Chicago last night at 9 PM to oppose Cook County Assessor James Houlihan’s proposed 42% state income tax hike, as well as his proposed new statewide sales tax on food and services, e.g. haircuts, beauticians, auto repair, etc.   Houlihan’s proposal would also remove the 5% property tax credit, raising personal income taxes by more than 42% for homeowners.
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Greedy Teachers Union Must Be Opposed

As a public school teacher, I find myself increasingly angry and disgusted with the greedy union that controls my school and most other suburban public schools. While Illinois’ unemployment rate soars, household budgets tighten and mortgage foreclosures increase, the union is calling for more pain for the taxpayer.
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