Olympics Committee Stops FOX TV Broadcast

Chicago taxpayers increasingly are turning against hosting the 2016 Olympic Games in their city as they become aware of the unlimited financial exposure agreed to by head cheerleader, Mayor Richard M. “Richie” Daley (D). Reportedly, the opposition has grown to the point that the Chicago Olympic Committee asked FOX-TV News Chicago not to run a report about taxpayer opposition to holding the games in Chicago. The station’s news director reportedly ordered his staff to kill the report after the report aired once last Thursday morning.
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Roll Call of Income Tax Hike Votes

On May 30, 2009, the Illinois Senate passed a bill to raise the income tax for individuals, trusts, and estates from 3% to 5%. That’s a 67% income tax increase! The bill would also raise the corporate income tax rate from 7.3% to 9.7%, which will prevent the creation of at least 70,000 jobs. What legislators won’t say is that these tax increases will fund the lavish, gold-plated pensions of government employees.
Download the list to see how every member of the general assembly voted and how you can help stop these bills from becoming law.