Tax Accountabilty Endorses Tax-Cutting Candidates for Oak Park Park District

On Tuesday, April 5, you will have a RARE chance to vote into office three pro-taxpayer candidates who will look out for YOUR interests. These quality candidates are running for Park District Commissioners in Oak Park, and Tax Accountability, the political action arm of National Taxpayers United of Illinois, has endorsed them.
Please punch 44, 45, and 46 on April 5 for Diane Dunn, Thomas J. Finch, and Julie Grossman-MacCarthy. All have signed the “No Tax Increase Pledge” and also have pledged to work to lower property taxes in Oak Park.
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Taxpayers Oppose Huge Oak Park School District 97 Property Tax Increase Referendum

CHICAGO–The president of Illinois’ largest taxpayer organization, working with taxpayers in Oak Park School Dist. 97, urged voters in Dist. 97 to vote “No” on the Tuesday, April 5, 2011, property-tax-increase referendum.
“This would be a gigantic property-tax-increase if passed,” said Jim Tobin, President of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI). “The Dist. 97 flacks are bamboozling voters in the district by telling them the property-tax-increase will be ‘only’ $224, but according to the Chicago Tribune, the actual tax increase would be a back-breaking $756 on a $600,000 home.”
“While Oak Park taxpayers struggle to make ends meet, Dist. 97 teachers work in a privileged environment of high-paying, guaranteed jobs, 3 months a year off, short work-days, and early retirement, all at an extremely high cost to the hardworking taxpayers of Oak Park. The days of special deals for teachers must end.”
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Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson to endorse Illinois ballot access bill today

Free & Equal will hold a press conference with former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson to support HB2854, a bill in the Illinois legislature which would allow filing fees as an alternative to the petition process.
The press conference will take place today, Thursday, March 24th at 10:45am CST, at Free & Equal’s Chicago office at 407 S. Dearborn St., Suite 1170. There will be a live feed of this press conference at
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