Taxpayers Fight Two Property Tax Increase Referendums On The April 2 Ballot

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Chicago – Taxpayers United of America (TUA) is working with taxpayers in Hinsdale Twp. HSD 86 and Barrington CUSD 220 to defeat property tax increase referenda in the upcoming April 2 election.

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“Both of these districts are pushing massive property tax increases that just aren’t necessary,” according to Jim Tobin, TUA president. “They want to fund wasteful and excessive building projects when Illinois and its individual communities are shrinking in population. People are leaving the state in droves, and here are two more governments that don’t care why: excessively high property taxes.”

Hinsdale HSD 86 has placed a $140 million bond issue on the April 2 ballot. Hinsdale voters soundly defeated a $166 million bond in last October’s election and yet another property tax increase for $76 million in bonds in 2017.

“It seems that Hinsdale HSD 86 bureaucrats are determined to waste even more taxpayer dollars by putting a third referendum on the ballot in as many years, despite dwindling enrollments,” said Tobin.

Hinsdale HSD 86 has seen its enrollment drop steadily over the last six years with a net decrease of about 224 students. One major cause in the enrollment drop is that Illinois has one of the highest rates of out-migration.

“The government hacks running Hinsdale HSD 86 haven’t made any budget cuts but expect taxpayers to take another pay-cut to fund the district’s excessive wish-list of construction projects. They pretend to make cuts, in an effort to hurt parents who voted down the referenda, but all of their phony cuts will be restored if this measure passes. There is not one permanent or meaningful spending cut!”

“The district could argue that they need money for safety and security updates, but that spending category only accounts for about $3.9 million of the $140 million they have put on the ballot. They have neglected to provide basic maintenance on facilities and now expect taxpayers to hand over millions of taxpayer dollars to correct their mismanagement.”

Barrington CUSD 220 has placed a $185 million property tax increase referendum on the April 2 ballot. Barrington CUSD 220 has also seen a steady decline in enrollment is are responsible for educating about 214 fewer students.

“CUSD 220 saw revenues increase .31% in the 2017/2018 school year and yet increased spending by 4.57%…on a dwindling student census.”

“Barrington bureaucrats are hitting taxpayers up for $185 million this year but this is only a down-payment on their 20 year pipe-dream plan of fleecing taxpayers out of $500 million for building projects.”

“They want $5.3 million for safety and security and don’t even create an annual budget for these improvements. That’s just remarkable.”

“Hinsdale HSD 86 and Barrington CUSD 220 share more than just similar demographics; they share a complete lack of regard for the taxpayers who must fund them. Both have let facilities deteriorate over the years without adequate planning or budgeting.”

“Worse than their complete lack of fiscal planning is their ignorance of how taxpayer funded operations work. Every time they plan a pay raise, benefit increase, instructional spending increase, etc., taxpayers must take a pay cut to fund it. If taxes go up $100 a year per taxpayer, every taxpayer has $100 less to spend on his or her wants and needs. So yes, every time they get more money to spend, we have less. And they really don’t care.”

“Government school bureaucrats want hundreds of millions more in taxpayer dollars to build lavish offices that are occupied only about 8 total months a year.”

“Neither of these affluent districts have made any cuts to spending. Why should they? They just put a property tax increase referendum on the ballot and cry about how it’s “for the children.”

“80% of local taxes go to fund government-employee salaries and benefits. So once you get past that spending, it starts being about the children. I urge everyone in these districts to vote No on April 2 and demand the government bureaucrats to cut spending, not increase it.”

“We have defeated 431 property tax increase referendums since I founded the organization in 1976. I can’t wait to add two more taxpayer victories to that number.”


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Springfield—Last week, Ill. Gov. Jay Robert “J. B.” Pritzker (D) fired the opening salvo in his war on Illinois working families.

In a state that spent over a billion dollars more then it took in last year, Pritzker has decided to give pay raises to 20,000 Illinois government employees. This pay raise has been estimated to cost Illinois Taxpayers an additional TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS annually. In addition, Pritzker signed a bill that placed even more government regulation on Illinois gun dealers. This legislation has already inflicted casualties amongst the firearms industry, with other small business to follow suit.

“If this is just the first week, then I hate to see what the entire term will look like,” said Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America (TUA). “Then again, this wasn’t unexpected. Pritzker is the only gubernatorial candidate I can think of that came into power promising to tax the hell out of people. Illinois taxpayers need to push back against this guy, who thinks he’s Santa Claus to government employees.”

Despite claims from J.B.’s election website that “I have plans to put Illinois back on the side of working families,” the reality shows Pritzker will do anything but. On the agenda is either a Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax (VMT) that may force a government tracker into private vehicles or a 30 cent per gallon increase in the state gasoline tax. Both of these taxes will disproportionately hurt both middle and lower-class commuters, as the tax will steal a larger percent of their limited budget.

Another anti-working-family tax measure is the Pritzker Amendment, a graduated state income tax increase on the Illinois Middle-class. Despite lofty statements made by Pritzker like, “The vast majority of the people in the state of Illinois should get an income tax break,” and, “The wealthiest people in the state can afford to pay a little bit more,”  the political reality is completely different. HB 3522, a bill designed by members of Pritzker’s political party, is an example of legislation that can be passed if the amendment is ratified. Such a bill could raise the income tax payment made by a middle class taxpayer earning $40,000 by 16.44%. Thankfully, the flat income tax prevents such assaults against the middle class and those aspiring to better their station in life.

J.B. Pritzker is locked in a fight against the Illinois middle and lower class, with the spoils of war going to benefit another class, the government class. That is why it is important to contact your local state representative and senator who can be found here: and tell him or her to resist these anti-taxpayer measures. Otherwise they may join with Governor Santa Claus in making Illinois a worse place to live.

Tell Ill. Senate Republican Leader: Don’t Conspire with Democrats!

Minority Leader of the Illinois Senate
Bill Brady

Springfield—Illinois Senate Republican leader Bill Brady so far has refused to oppose a massive 30 cent per gallon increase in the Illinois gasoline tax.

“This is ridiculous,” stated lifelong taxpayer advocate and President of Taxpayers United of America, Jim Tobin. “Less then two years ago Democrats held Illinois hostage for a five billion dollar income tax increase. Now the senate Republican leader doesn’t want to oppose Democrats who want to pass a two billion dollar increase to the gas tax? Refusing to stand in the way of this massive tax hike on poor and middle class taxpayers is a massive betrayal.”

“It’s not too late for him to change his mind,” continued Jim Tobin. “All it might take are some everyday taxpayers to remind Senator Brady that it is taxpayers, not empty CTA buses that matter. That is why I urge taxpayers to contact this senator, and remind him that he has a duty to the people to resist Springfield Tax Raisers.”

If you want to tell  Senator Bill Brady to oppose this TWO BILLION DOLLAR gasoline tax increase, you can find his contact information at the Illinois General Assembly website here: or call his office at (309) 664-4440.

CTA Redline Scam

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Does Chicago have $2.3 billion to spend on anything? That’s the price of extending the Red Line from 95th Street to 130th Street, a distance of 5.6 miles–almost $411 million per mile. Much of this money, about half, must come from federal funding that has not yet been approved.

Will this gargantuan project increase ridership, and if so, will this increase pay for the excessive extension? Of course not. The city will be throwing money it doesn’t have down the bureaucratic black hole. That’s what bureaucratic agencies, planners and commissions do best. They always present their most optimistic scenarios, that almost always end up costing more than originally predicted.

Only a relatively small number of commuters would use this extended line. The subject of user fees is ignored because nobody believes that the Red Line extension can pay for itself. Unlike private businesses, public projects do not need to pay for themselves although they should. That is the fundamental problem.

Furthermore, maintenance of this Red Line extension would add to Chicago’s already huge deficit. Indeed, almost a billion dollars a year is needed just to maintain the current CTA lines and that’s just to keep this outdated system from further deterioration. About $12 billion is needed for the current maintenance backlog, which is not even in the Red Line extension discussion.

The CTA Red Line is a mode of transportation that is obsolete. Relying on 19th century technology is a formula for the past, not the future. Spending tax money on boondoggles never seems to deter the overpaid government bureaucrats who are adept at spending other people’s money. That is what they do best.


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Ill. Gov. Jay Robert “J. B.” Pritzker (D) and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) are planning new economy-crushing lockdowns because they are addicted to power and micromanaging peoples lives, according to Jim Tobin, president of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).

“Pritzker and Lightfoot are killing the economies of Illinois and the City of Chicago,” said Tobin. “And the real tragedy is that lockdowns do not halt the progress of the COVID-19 virus. The virus is in the wild, which means it cannot be stopped. Only when the population reaches herd immunity, which is achievable only by being exposed to the virus or receiving a vaccine, will the pandemic end. All pandemics end with some type of herd immunity.”

“When even the WHO – hardly a pro-business organization – concedes lockdown orders don’t stop the spread of the virus – one might think that the case is closed,” stated the Issue #160 of the Unleash Prosperity Hotline. Nevertheless Pritzker, de Blasio, Newsom, Lightfoot and other leftist politicians continue to shut down the nation’s economy, including the celebration of Thanksgiving.

According to the newsletter, “Lockdowns are NOT associated with lower death rates. They are NOT associated with lower hospitalizations. Their only effect is to bankrupt small businesses and destroy millions of jobs.”

“Not only that,” said Tobin, but the 10 states with the strictest lockdown policies – I.e., New York, New Jersey, Illinois – still have substantially higher death rates than the 10 states with no or minimal lockdowns.”

“Lockdowns don’t work. It’s time to say ENOUGH! to these left-wing politicians. Open up the country and put people back to work and students back to school.”

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Chicago–In an historic victory for taxpayers, Ill. Gov. Pritzker’s income theft amendment, the proposed change in the Illinois Constitution to usher in a graduated income tax, was defeated. “Every taxpayer victory is important for Illinoisans, but of all our victories, this one was the biggest,” said Jim Tobin, president of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).

“Unlike what Pritzker thought, taxpayers are not stupid, and neither are they gullible. Illinoisans pay some of the highest taxes in the United States, and we’ve already seen several massive tax increases from Pritzker over the past few years. Taxpayers have had enough, and the repudiation of Pritzker’s money grab is evidence of that.” 

“If governor Pritzker, Speaker Madigan, and all of their cronies still want to hold office after this election, they must add a word to their dictionary: REFORM. Instead of lying to taxpayers with their endless empty promises, they need to roll up their sleeves for the first time in their lives and fix Illinois.” 

“How would they fix Illinois? Simple: reform the Illinois government pension system that has destroyed so many communities across Illinois. It can be done with a simple constitutional amendment to allow the state government-employee pension plans to be restructured for the benefit of everyone. I call it the Fair Pension Amendment.” 

“In addition to the rejection of the income theft amendment, taxpayers also rejected Home Rule in Crestwood. Home Rule is also a Trojan-horse tax increase like the income theft amendment. History has shown that Illinois taxpayers, when able to participate in direct democracy, will always reject higher taxes. The two referenda wins together make 439 taxpayer victories for TUA, and prove that petty tyrants like Pritzker can not increase state taxes if Illinois citizens make their wishes known at the polls.”