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CHICAGO—The salaries and benefits of government officials in East Dundee, IL prove the need to repeal its unlimited Home Rule taxing powers, according to Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).
“Being a government bureaucrat even in a small village with a population of 3,182 can be an enriching experience,” said Tobin. “And I do mean enriching in a financial sense.”
“This March, E. Dundee voters will have the opportunity to repeal the village’s unlimited Home Rule taxing powers.”
“Home Rule is the most insidious form of local government in the U.S.,” said Tobin. “It eliminates the protection of property tax caps and allows local governments to raise taxes without limit, and to create new taxes with which to bludgeon taxpayers.”
“Home Rule taxes in this tiny village have enabled its Village Administrator to pull in an annual salary of $145,000. After various benefits have been added, her total compensation is a staggering $186,038.”
“In contrast, the per capita income for the village is $31,695.”
“The Village Administrator has an assistant, who pulls in a salary of $85,000 and, after benefits are added, gets a total compensation of $120,331.”
“Keeping crime under control in this tiny village must be arduous, because the
Chief of Police gets a salary of $118,794, which is $149,601 after benefits are added.”
“These fat salaries and benefits are possible only because E. Dundee has unlimited Home Rule taxing powers. Village bureaucrats literally can raise taxes as much as they want and also can create new taxes. In the meantime, the average resident has to struggle to get by with $31,695.”
“It’s time for E. Dundee voters to bring their taxes under control by repealing Home Rule this March.”
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CHICAGO—“Mt. Prospect School Dist. 57 has put on the March 20 ballot a property tax increase that would raise property taxes $700 for an average Mr. Prospect homeowner,” said Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America (TUA). “This enormous tax increase would pad the already high salaries of Dist. 57 teachers and administrators.”
“80% of Dist. 57 spending is for salaries and benefits of these government-school employees. The students would not see any substantial benefits, only these teachers and administrators.”
“Elaine Aumiller, the District 57 Superintendant, pulls in a fat base salary of $189,523, and her Assistant Superintendent gets a not-too-shabby salary of $149,215. They apparently feel they have a hard time getting by on these salaries.”
“A look at the top Dist. 57 government pensions shows how these high salaries affect their eventual pensions. Lois Andrews retired at age 60 and gets an annual pension of $149,647. Over an expected normal lifespan, she will have pulled in a total of $4,135,892.”
“Earl Sutter retired at the ripe old age of 59 and gets an annual pension of $146,462. His estimated lifetime pension payout is $2,728,132.”
“In the meantime, the average annual Social Security pension for taxpayers is about $15,000.”
“Dist. 57 taxpayers already are funding fat salaries for these government-school teachers and bureaucrats. They should send a message by voting ‘No’ on March 20.”
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TUA Exposes Two McHenry Tax Villains

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MCHENRY COUNTY—Taxpayers United of America today named McHenry County Board members Michele Aavang and Larry Smith “Taxpayer Enemies,” and asked their constituents to make an example of them to send a message to the rest of the tax-raising “Republican Dominated” county board.
“These two so-called Republicans supported the 4% county property tax increase recently enacted by the McHenry County Board,” said Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).That amount was half of all property tax increases in McHenry County this past spring.”
“After the county property tax increase was rammed through, an attempt was made to abate some of the increase by killing the Valley Hi Nursing Home levy, which would have removed the tax for an enterprise agency that generally breaks even, and has about $40 million in the bank. Even this modest tax abatement was voted down by Aavang and Smith, who opted to siphon the nursing home levy to a capital projects fund.”
“The ‘Republican Dominated’ McHenry County Board is no friend of its constituents. The removal of Michele Aavang and Larry Smith this March by voters would send a message to the rest of the board that McHenry County taxpayers have had enough.”



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