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Taxpayers To Pols: Cut Spending And Forget State Income Tax Hike

The president of Illinois’ largest taxpayer organization today responded to Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley’s April 27 statement in which he supported substantially and permanently increasing the Illinois state income tax in exchange for a temporary, nominal decrease in property taxes. Jim Tobin, president of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI), said Illinois public schools are drowning in taxpayer dollars rather than being “under funded,” and called upon state legislators to cut spending rather than increasing the tax burden on overtaxed Illinois taxpayers. Read more



Taxpayers United Of America: (TUA). is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(4) taxpayer advocacy group. Founded June 27, 1976 in Chicago, Illinois by activist and economist Jim Tobin, TUA works on behalf of taxpayers to reduce local, state, and federal taxes. In the past forty years, TUA has saved taxpayers more than $200 billion n taxes and has become one of the largest taxpayer organizations in America. Check All posts. s.


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