St. Sen. Meeks' Urged To Rescind His "Skip School And Hop Bus" Proposal

Alex Voorman, Policy Analyst of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI), today urged St. Sen. James T. Meeks (D-15, Calumet City) to rescind his call for Chicago Public School students to skip the first day of school on September 2nd and be bussed over to New Trier High School in Winnetka to register for classes.  Meeks claimed this move will highlight the inequality in funding between Chicago and its more affluent suburbs. Read more

Use Gasoline Sales Taxes For Road Repairs, Not Fat Pensions

UPDATE: It appears that the Governor has taken our advice.  His new proposal for the capital spending bill would include diverting state sales taxes on gasoline into the spending program
CHICAGO— The president of Illinois’ largest taxpayer group urged lawmakers to use tax money collected from gasoline sales taxes for road repairs, not to pad lavish government pensions by funneling the money into the state’s general fund. Read more

NTUI at Tony Peraica Tax Protest

On July 1st Alex Voorman attended Tony Peraica’s tax protest at the Tompson Center in Chicago.  The protest was designed to gain support for a repeal of the recently enacted 1% Cook County Sales Tax increase.