NTUI Asks Gov. Blagojevich To Honor Campaign Pledge And Veto New $30 Million State Tax

CHICAGO-The president of Illinois’ largest taxpayer organization asked Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) to veto Senate Bill 75, which would create a new $30 million tax on the recording of any real estate document, and would create a new bureaucracy to administer the granting of subsidies to landlords purportedly to help low-income housing. The new bureaucracy also would provide subsidies to developers of “affordable” rental housing. Read more

NTUI And Government School Teacher Denounce Taxpayerfunded Rallies For 67 Percent Income Tax Increase

National Taxpayers United of Illinois President Jim Tobin denounced Illinois and Chicago teacher unions’ use of taxpayer funds for political lobbying. Tomorrow, May 18, teachers’ unions, administrators and their allies will rally in Springfield to urge the state legislature to pass a 67 percent state personal income tax increase. The Springfield rally for higher taxes, coupled with Monday’s rally in Chicago, culminate a months-long effort on the part of the Illinois public school lobby to increase Illinois taxes. Read more