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“Instead of lockdowns that cripple local economies and cause rapid spread of coronavirus due to crowded, poorly ventilated buildings, more research points to getting people outside and ending lockdowns,” said Jim Tobin, economist and president of Taxpayers United of Illinois (TUA).

“The corrupt and inept Illinois Governor, Jay Robert ‘J. B.’ Pritzker, is destroying the state’s fragile economy with his Soviet-style lockdown. He could learn a few things by looking at the report, Unleash Prosperity Hotline Issue #61, which points out in ‘Health Lesson from Japan’ that one of the mysteries of coronavirus is why Japan has been almost entirely immune from a disease that began in Asia.”

According to the report, “There are few more densely populated cities than Tokyo and Japan has an aging population. Yet this country with 126 million people has suffered less than 1,000 deaths. This is a death rate less than one-tenth ours. What have they done right?” The report’s conclusions:

  • There were no economic lockdowns.
  • The Japanese understood from the start that nearly all of the significant transmission events appear to be inside, typically in poorly ventilated spaces. This insight was part of the Japanese “3 Cs” strategy that saw less than a thousand total deaths in the whole country — with no lockdown.
  • An article in Science suggested that about 80% of people with coronavirus infect exactly zero others. Almost all the transmission comes from super spread events. “Probably about 10% of cases lead to 80% of the spread,” according to the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
  • There are three simple and costless ways to reduce the risk of illness from coronavirus. 1) Get outside. 2) Open the windows. 3) For businesses and schools without windows to open, we need to think about how to significantly increase ventilation in their indoor spaces.

“Like so many other Democrat politicians, Pritzker is lacking in common sense as he pursues a left-wing agenda that is crippling the Illinois economy. Get fresh air into work spaces, and open them up for business!” said Tobin.



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While the Nazi-like lockdown is devastating the Chicago economy, political corruption and blatant incompetence is wasting millions of taxpayer dollars, according to James L. Tobin, economist and president of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).

“The McCormick Place debacle is a good example,” said Tobin. “After spending millions (some say close to $70 million), there do not seem to be enough patients to justify the McCormick Place field hospital. Of the 254 medical workers the state contracted to hire for McCormick Place, 170 have already been re-assigned. But the state health department said there are still 84 assigned to the convention center, which now has just nine patients. That’s nine medical workers for every patient.

“McCormick Place has treated just 29 patients, and plans to expand the facility to 3,000 beds were scaled back. What an incredible waste of taxpayer dollars by inept and corrupt Chicago politicians and bureaucrats!

“The state additionally spent $460,000 for 180 iPhones, which remain boxed.

An April 3 article in The Sun showed how reckless the boondoggles in Chicago had become, and how the situation has deteriorated into a bidding war.

“A Chicago hospital offered nurses $106,000 to work eight weeks at the pop-up medical center housing coronavirus patients in McCormick Place. Nurses would be paid over $100,000 to work for two months.

“These nurses would receive $125/hr for the first 40 and $187/hr for overtime according to the breakdown. It would come out to be 40 hours/week with 44 hours of OT resulting in a gross weekly pay of $13,250. Nurses who are accepted also would receive $400 to pay for travel to and from Chicago as well as free lodging.

“The Soviet-style politicians running—and ruining—Chicago need to come to their senses.

  • Open up the city to revive the local economy.
  • Cut sales and property taxes.
  • And press Springfield Democrats to kill Gov. Jay Robert ‘J. B’Pritzker’s Income Tax Theft Amendment appearing on the November ballot.

Turning Point

Yesterday was a good day for taxpayers. Despite the naysaying and the heckling from tax thieves, taxpayers have just won a string of very important victories. Every Home Rule referenda in Cook County was soundly defeated, along with two government school property increase referenda in Will County.

Taxpayers in Lynwood Illinois handing out vote no Home Rule fliers.

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Yesterday was a good day for taxpayers. Despite the naysaying and the heckling from tax thieves, taxpayers have just won a string of very important victories. Every Home Rule referenda in Cook County was soundly defeated, along with two government school property increase referenda in Will County.

“These are all great results,”, said Jim Tobin, president of Taxpayers United of America (TUA), commenting on the March 17 election. “Our hard work in Burr Ridge, Westchester, and Lynwood have paid off. Every Home Rule referendum was trounced by overwhelming majorities.”

“Ever since tax thieves bulldogged a $5,000,000,000 income tax increase through Springfield, they have pushed for even higher taxes on the middle class. Taxpayers are furious at these constant tax hikes. Homeowners bristle at the very idea of another property tax increase.”

“Taxpayers have fled these outrageous taxes in droves, and quite a few have lost hope. One supporter of TUA went so far as to write me a letter, telling me to give up, that Illinois is a lost cause. I didn’t give up though, and neither should anyone else! When it comes to tax increase referenda, taxpayers win.”

“I have fought tax increases in Illinois for over 40 years. Including the 3 new Home Rule referenda victories, with the property tax referenda victories in Peotone and Oswego, we have now racked up 437 taxpayer referenda victories. Illinois taxpayers are nowhere near out of the fight.”

“I sense a turning point coming in Illinois. Illinoisans are done with new taxes, but government employees are demanding more The lavish pensions Speaker Madigan and his cronies have promised are outgrowing the amount of money they can steal from taxpayers. The only way they can keep the gravy train rolling is with a graduated income tax increase.”

“The $5,000,000,000 income tax increase was not enough, and neither is the proposed graduated income tax increase. This ‘Fair Tax’ as called, is nothing more than thievery. It is in fact an Income Theft Amendment, a graduated income tax increase on the middle class.”

“Now that the March 17 elections are over, the November 3 Income Theft Amendment is now our major focus. We beat Home Rule, we defeated, property tax increases, and now we are going to beat back the Income Theft Amendment as we did before.”



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