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TUA In The News: Trump and Taxes

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Recently Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America was interviewed regarding President Donald Trump and his tax policies. This is what Mr. Tobin had to say on the recent tax cuts and the new tariffs:

“Businesses will be able to hire more employees, and use some of the tax relief to invest in capital stock,” Tobin said. “That’s a source of economic growth that benefits everyone.”

The economic stimulus the tax cuts provide is being watered down as a result of Trump’s actions regarding international trade, more specifically the imposition of import duties and tariffs, according to Tobin.

“Unfortunately, Trump’s support of import tariffs decreases the positive effects of the federal income tax cuts – by one-third, according to a Tax Foundation report released this week,” Tobin said.

Import duties and tariffs raise the costs of imported goods and raise consumer prices, he explained.

Taxpayers United supports the federal income tax cuts wholeheartedly, however, Tobin said.

“It has been good for the country – the stock market is booming, businesses are expanding and unemployment is down to record lows,” he said. “In fact, we need more workers to fill all the open positions available.”

The findings from Kotlikoff’s study aren’t surprising, Tobin continued.


James Tobin |  President

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November 15, 2017



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CHICAGO—Taxpayers United of America (TUA) today released its 17th biennial Tax Survey of the Ill. General Assembly.
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“Our survey examines the tax and spending bills of the 99th Illinois legislature from January 2015 to January 2017,” said Jim Tobin, TUA President. “Our analysis provides data on how the legislators voted on bills featured in our tax survey. For 41 years, TUA has educated taxpayers while publicizing all significant tax and spending increases voted on by the Illinois General Assembly. TUA has used the same methodology to evaluate each lawmaker’s record since publishing its first Tax Survey in 1983.”
“The 99th General Assembly has been a huge disappointment in the Ill. Senate,” said Tobin. “Not a single member of the Senate – no Republican or Democrat – received a passing score of 70% or more on this Tax Survey. The Republicans scored better in both chambers with average scores of 41% in the Senate and 66% in the House, whereas the Democrats achieved only 4% in the House – and only 1% in the Senate!  That brings the total number of Democrats that scored zero to 91.”
“Some turncoat Republicans in the Illinois house voted for the record-breaking state income tax increase in the 100th General Assembly. Republican House members who voted for this job-killing measure could not be counted among ‘Taxpayer Friends,’ regardless of their score in this edition of the TUA Tax Survey.”
“Notably, Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) outclassed his predecessor, disgraced former Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, who received a sorry 10% on TUA’s 16th biennial Tax Survey. Gov. Rauner is the first Illinois Governor to score above 70% on the TUA tax survey, achieving a score of 92%, and we are pleased to feature him on the list of Taxpayer Friends.”

Taxpayers United of America Names Ill. St. Rep. Michael D. Unes “Taxpayer Traitor”

Val Zimnicki
Director of Outreach

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November 1, 2017

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PEKIN–Taxpayers United of America (TUA) today named Ill. State Rep. Michael D. Unes (R-91, Pekin) a “Taxpayer Traitor” for joining ten other Springfield Republican lawmakers in voting Yes to override Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto of the huge, 32% Democrat-sponsored state personal income tax increase.
“Rep. Unes betrayed his constituents and all Illinois taxpayers when he became a turncoat and supported Chicago machine boss and Ill. House Speaker Michael J. Madigan (D-22, Chicago),” said Val Zimnicki, TUA Director of Outreach.
“Unes and his fellow Republican traitors made possible the largest permanent income tax hike in the state’s history, increasing the personal income tax rate to 4.95 percent from 3.75 percent, and the corporate income tax rate from 7.75 percent to 9.5 percent. Most of the $5 billion from this latest income tax increase will be funneled into the state’s floundering government-employee pension funds, just like previous tax increases.”
“Illinois is bankrupt. No state tax increase of any size can pull Illinois out of its financial death-spiral. In November 2018, taxpayers need to put on the statewide ballot a constitutional amendment to repeal the pension-protection clause of the Illinois State Constitution. The lavish, gold-plated pensions of retired government employees need to be drastically cut.”
“In the next Republican primary on March 20, 2018, taxpayers should run a tax-cut candidate against this Taxpayer Traitor and the other fellow traitors. These ne’er-do-wells have disgraced the conservative principles of their political party,” said Zimnicki.
“We will be distributing ‘Wanted’ flyers throughout Unes’ district, showing him behind bars, where he belongs, as well as giving him negative notoriety across the state. If Unes has any sense, he won’t run again. Illinois taxpayers need to dump tax-raising Republicans-in-name-only and elect true fiscal conservatives.”
“Seven of  the 11 Republican Taxpayer Traitors already have stated they will not run for reelection. We will not stop until all of these Republican tax-raising vermin are gone from the Ill. General Assembly.”



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