The Republic (Associated Press) | Group to release pension data for Iowa workers

Findings from TUA’s pension project on Iowa are featured in this Associated Press article at The Republic.
IOWA CITY, Iowa — A national group campaigning to cut pension benefits for government employees says it’s coming to eastern Iowa to expose the workers who are expected to make the most in retirement.
Taxpayers United of America said Tuesday that its director of outreach, Rae Ann McNeilly, would hold a news conference in Cedar Rapids on Wednesday to release top pension estimates for government employees in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.
Its study looked at salaries and pension estimates for city and county workers and teachers.
The group has released similar data for employees in Indiana and Kentucky in recent weeks, and is pushing for cutting benefits that it says are too expensive for taxpayers. It has advocated for ending pensions for new government hires and requiring employees to contribute more toward pensions.

WHO Newsradio 1040 | Group calls for pension reform in Iowa

TUA’s pension project on Iowa is featured in this story at WHO Newsradio 1040.
A non-partisan taxpayers rights organization is urging Iowa to reform its pension system for public employees.
Taxpayers United of America, based in Chicago, wants states to switch from a traditional pension system, to a contribution system, like a 401k, and require public employees to pay for health insurance.
They also want more pension transparancy, noting such information is kept private.
Through the Freedom of Information Act, the organization got payroll information and has projected “estimated” pensions. A “Who’s Who” list on their website,