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Suburban Teacher/Administrator Crosses Swords with TUA on Pensions

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“Dave,” presumably a teacher or administrator in a Northwest-suburban school district, using the district’s e-mail address and most likely a school computer paid-for by taxpayers, sent the following rather slipshod e-mail to TUA President Jim Tobin:

“I read your remarks made about teachers receiving a greater pension then [sic] ]people who work 50 weeks a years [sic].  STOP!, teachers on a daily bases [sic] take their grading and planning home and work late evenings.  Most jobs make [sic] two to three times the salary as a teacher and leave their jobs without bring [sic] work home.  With the direction Illinois is headed, you will see teachers leave grading and planning at school (work when their [sic] “on the clock”).  It sounds like you want quailty [sic] public education, but don’t want to pay a dime of your own money for it.  Just remember while your destroying education, the public services make the community, not the selfish tax watch people.  Stop comparing private industry to public work.”

TUA Director of Outreach Rae Ann McNeilly responds:

I think you have completely missed the point of the TUA pension work; all government employees should be paid a fair and competitive wage for the work they do today, that allows them to save for their own retirement through a 401(k) program. The pension system does not work. This is not an opinion or a “left/right” argument; it is simple mathematics. Taxpayers can’t afford to pay people not to work, for more years than they are paid to work, whether they are teachers, administrators or legislators. Cities and states across the country are going broke as a direct result of this unsustainable system.

As for public school teachers’ pay being lower than private sector comparable work, that is a myth.  Using 2007-2008 data (the latest available), the average “total school-year and summer earned income” for public school teachers was $53,230 . The equivalent for private-school teachers was $39,690. This is the only apples-to-apples comparison one can make. Government school teachers make far more, and that is before receiving their gold-plated pensions.

Teachers and other government employees are used by union bosses and politicians to keep their lofty positions of power. Unions force money from the rank and file to pay their own fat salaries and make campaign contributions to the pols who will keep them in power. At some point, most government employees figure this out, but few call-out the power brokers for their misdeeds, else they lose their own golden parachute.

Tax Accountability: Candidates Are Not Endorsed By Us Unless We Say They Are Endorsed

CHICAGO–The chairman of Tax Accountability (TAC), the political action arm of Taxpayers United of America (TUA), today issued a statement warning candidates for office that they must refrain from stating or implying they have been endorsed by Tax Accountability unless the organization specifically states that it has endorsed them.
“Candidates must return our questionnaire and our signed and dated Taxpayer Protection Pledge in order for us to consider endorsing them,” said Jim Tobin, TAC Chairman. “Not all candidates who return our questionnaire and pledge end up being endorsed by us. It is not permissible for a candidate to state or imply he or she has been endorsed by TUA if we have not issued a formal endorsement.”
Tobin referred to the January 24 Naperville edition of the Chicago Tribune that ran a story written by 42nd Dist. State Representative candidate Laura Pollastrini, featuring a picture of her signing the committee’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge
“On the basis of her answers to our questionnaire, we would not endorse Ms. Pollastrini,” said Tobin, “so the picture and article are misleading.”
“Ms. Pollastrini stated she would support tax increases on tobacco and liquor. Therefore, her responses render our Taxpayer Protection Pledge meaningless, because it states that ‘…I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.’ Candidates cannot pick and choose which tax increases they will support and expect to be endorsed by us.”
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Growing success of "Atlas Shrugged" featured on page one of Chicago Sun-Times

The unexpected success of the recent film adaptation of ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ Ayn Rand’s classic novel, is embarrassing naysayers. The Chicago Sun-Times featured the film’s growing popularity on page one of today’s paper.
One person who watched the movie was W.C. Augustine, who coincidentally is the author of a book called “Atlas Rising” and who counts Ayn Rand among his inspirations. With regard to the movie, he said:
‘Honestly I expected to be disappointed as “no way” could it live up to the book and my expectations. However, it was great; it got the message across cleanly and effectively. Let the reviewers bad mouth it; their rabid raves will only stir people’s curiosity to see what stirs them so much.’
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