Merrionette Park Politicians Using Taxpayer Dollars To Push For Unlimited Home Rule Taxing Powers

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CHICAGO—The president of Taxpayers United of America (TUA) today condemned the politicians running the Village of Merrionette Park, IL, for using taxpayer dollars to urge its taxpayers to give them unlimited Home Rule taxing powers.
“Home Rule is the most insidious form of local government in the U.S.,” said Jim Tobin, TUA President. “It eliminates the protection of property tax caps and allows local governments to raise taxes without limit, and to create new taxes with which to bludgeon taxpayers.”
“Home Rule gives no advantages to taxpayers, but is a gift to local politicians who want to raise taxes. The highly misleading Village mailing entitled ‘Is Home Rule Right for Merrionette Park?’ states that ‘The Village Board commits to No Increase in Property Tax should this pass.’ It adds, ‘And, keep in mind, voters can always rescind if home rule isn’t for them’.”
“Once local politicians get unlimited Home Rule taxing powers, they will use every trick in the book to keep taxpayers from repealing it.”
“It’s disgraceful that taxpayer dollars are being used to convince the same taxpayers to put their heads in the noose of Home Rule. It is essential that every taxpayer in Merrionette Park vote ‘NO’ on this Home Rule referendum.”
“Once taxpayers give up their rights, it’s very hard to get them back.”

TUA Rockford Home Rule Press Conference

Rockford taxpayers on Tuesday, March 20 will go to the polls to decide whether to adopt Home Rule for the City of Rockford. Concerned with rampant misinformation concerning the Home Rule referendum,  Director of Outreach Val Zimnicki for Taxpayers United of America (TUA) held a press conference providing facts on what Home Rule means for Rockford.  In his address Mr. Zimnicki spelled out the dangers of Home Rule, and treacherous nature of self serving bureaucrats.
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Local Taxpayer Takes a Stand Against Home Rule

George Bowers, an East Dundee local is taking a stand against Home Rule, the most insidious form of government in the USA.  On the March 20 Ballot, taxpayers will have an opportunity to vote for a referendum to repeal Home Rule. Under Home Rule, the East Dundee government has issued $33,000,000 in bonds without referendum. With a population of 3,182 the local municipality has burdened its citizens with $10,370 of debt per person.  Rightly frustrated, Mr. Bowers has made home made signs opposing Home Rule in East Dundee.  Meanwhile,  taxpayers led by Julie Fox  and State Representative Allen Skillicorn are distributing  anti-Home Rule flyers to homeowners and business in East Dundee.
Click here for TUA’s latest anti-Home Rule Flyer.



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