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Corporations: Beware of Political Thug, Dick Durbin!

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CHICAGO – Senate Majority Whip, Richard J. “Dick” Durbin (D) is abusing his political power, forcing corporations to continue paying the extraordinarily high Illinois and U.S. corporate tax rates, according Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of Illinois (TUA).
“Stephen Moore, chief economist at the Heritage Foundation, was overly-polite in calling Durbin ‘The Senate’s lead political thug and lead political henchman,’ said Tobin. Durbin is a left-wing low-life who could comfortably fit into Castro’s regime.”
“Politicians and government bureaucrats believe that taxpayer dollars belong to them, not to the persons and companies who earned them. So, when a corporation such as Walgreens tries to save its shareholders $4 billion over five years by moving its headquarters to Switzerland, he bullies them into staying and paying the high Illinois and U.S. corporate taxes.”
Durbin is celebrating the Walgreens shakedown, says Moore, pointing out that the big losers were the shareholders — including thousands and thousands of middle class Americans — whose retirement funds include Walgreens stock. The stock fell in the 24 hours after the announcement by more than 10 percent and so shareholders lost at least $6 billion on the announcement, according to Moore. “That’s a lot of financial wreckage from one single senator,” Moore added.
Durbin is up for reelection this November, and although Illinois is a solidly Democratic state, Moore states, “Don’t be surprised if fed up Illinois voters have tired of Durbin’s ham-handed antics and his economic illiteracy.
The Chicago Tribune points out that Durbin has a new target as he tries to halt American firms from moving corporate headquarters overseas to cut their tax bills: Hospira, a Lake Forest-based company that makes injectable drugs and infusion products. Durbin wrote the Hospira CEO a letter urging him not to take the firm’s tax dollars overseas.
“Durbin may be a hero to entrenched labor unions,” said Tobin, “but he is an embarrassment and a detriment to our state and to the U.S. Senate. He is so over-the-top in his left-wing rants that even Democrats are edging away from him. This November is our chance to dump Durbin and elect a senator who isn’t a thuggish ideologue whose policies cost jobs and economic freedom, stunting growth.”

Dick Durbin Wants to Make a Victim Out of YOU!

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Chicago – Sen. Richard J. “Dick” Durbin (D-IL), denies citizens protection of their life and their property by pushing gun controls that take the ‘self’ out of self-defense, according to the president of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).
“Can you imagine waiting for Chicago police to arrive to save you from an armed assault? Custer stood a better chance of surviving,” stated Jim Tobin, president and founder of TUA.
“As an Illinois native, I have heard a lot of ridiculous gun control propaganda, but Dick Durbin’s assertion that even more gun control in Chicago might prevent the gun violence in the city is not only foolhardy, it is illegal. How many court rulings does he need to remind him of the Constitution he has taken multiple oaths to uphold, and spent at least 3 years studying in law school?”
“If we are not free to protect ourselves and are required to rely on police, you get….Chicago.”
At last year’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on guns, Durbin compared Fordham University law professor Nicholas Johnson’s stance on the Second Amendment to a “suicide pact.” “When I listened to you and Mr. Hardy describe the Second Amendment, it’s a suicide pact. Because by your definition, what has become common in America is unacceptable in a civilized country,” stated Durbin.
“By that logic, the early settlers would have been limited to bows and arrows to defend themselves. Waiting for the cavalry to arrive would have been much like waiting for CPD”, added Tobin.
“Self-defense is an inalienable right. Not only is the second amendment not a suicide pact, forcing people to rely on government for protection is a death warrant.”
“All of Durbin’s gun control rants are nothing more than political exploitation of the unfortunate victims of gun violence and designed to stir up his base after the deaths of innocents. He doesn’t even list gun violence as one of ‘…today’s most important issues’ on his campaign website.”
“Regardless of where you are on the gun control debate, it’s difficult to argue the meaning of, ‘shall not be infringed’.”
“I guess the real question is, how can Sen. Durbin propose to violate the Constitution rather than tackle the difficult issues that are the causes of gun violence?”

Beware of Dick Durbin – if you Value Free Speech

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CHICAGO – U.S. Senator Richard J. “Dick” Durbin (D-IL) joined 40 other Democrat senators in sponsoring a constitutional amendment that would damage the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The proposed amendment, SJ Res.19, would remove freedom of speech protection from certain political activities.
“Illinois has had to endure this ultra-left senator, Durbin, for an unbearable number of years,” said Katie McNeilly, Director of Operations of Taxpayers United of America (TUA), “but now he has shown what a dangerous, radical left-winger he is.”
“This assault on the First Amendment would give Congress the power to regulate the raising and spending of money and in-kind equivalents [emphasis added] with respect to Federal elections.”
“The proposed amendment would regulate the amount of contributions to candidates for nomination for election to, or for election to, Federal office, and the amount of funds that may be spent by, in support of, or in opposition to such candidates.”
“As if that were not bad enough, the amendment also would give states similar powers to restrict participation in state elections.”
“In other words, freedom of speech, which is protected by the First Amendment, would be gutted for the electoral process in both federal and state campaigns.”
“This is a very dangerous direction and I caution all citizens to beware of politicos like Durbin who try to undo the very protection from whom the Constitution was designed to protect us.”
“Durbin has much to answer for, and hopefully Illinois voters will wake up and send him into retirement before he causes more damage.”
“This isn’t his first attempt to squelch the freedoms protected by the first amendment. Just last year, Durbin questioned the wisdom of applying the media shield law to bloggers and tweeters. Mr. Durbin just doesn’t seem to understand or appreciate that the Constitution protects people, regardless of their title.”
“It is ironic that we are about to celebrate our country’s independence, while at the same time, our elected representative in the U.S. Senate is working so hard to crush the freedom of speech protection of the First Amendment that has cost so many lives to attain.”



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