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NTUI Continues Illinois Tax Tour in Quad Cities – Meeting Attended By Tv, Radio, and Newspaper

Rock Island/Moline – NTUI President Jim Tobin held a press conference in Moline on May 19, 2009 to oppose Gov. Quinn’s tax increases. The conference was covered by Quad Cities Radio Group, which broadcasts on 8 stations throughout the area, as well as 2 TV networks and the Rock Island Argus. This was NTUI’s most successful Quad Cities news conference, fresh on the heels of our most well-attended Champaign conference in over 30 years!

NTUI's Rockford Press Conference Attended By All 4 Rockford TV Networks

Jim Tobin in Rockford
Rockford – NTUI President Jim Tobin held a press conference in Rockford on April 28, 2009 to oppose Gov. Quinn’s tax increases.  The Conference was covered by all 4 Rockford TV networks.  Later, Tobin gave a 1 hour interview with WNTA Live Talk Radio Rockford, slamming Quinn’s proposed 50% income increase.    

Jim Tobin on Fox TV News Chicago

Jim Tobin appeared on Fox TV News Chicago last night at 9 PM to oppose Cook County Assessor James Houlihan’s proposed 42% state income tax hike, as well as his proposed new statewide sales tax on food and services, e.g. haircuts, beauticians, auto repair, etc.   Houlihan’s proposal would also remove the 5% property tax credit, raising personal income taxes by more than 42% for homeowners.
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