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State Data Lab|The Ruling Class: Judges’ Retirement System

State Data Lab, a project by Truth In Accounting, featured Taxpayers United of America’s recent JRS data release.

Includes “… “Our analysis of JRS reveals more of the same taxpayer abuse that we have found across the state’s government pension system. Not only do these judges benefit from the redistribution of taxpayer wealth, they also rule in their own favor to protect the Illinois pension cabal when practical, necessary reforms are challenged in the courts. This system is ripe with conflicts of interest and corruption and it is protected at every level of a government that chooses to serve itself rather than the constituents it was intended to protect…”

Northwest Herald|From the Editor's Desk: Five land on top 200 teachers' pension list

Taxpayers United of America’s data release of the top 200 Illinois Teacher’s Retirement System pensions was used by Northwest Herald.

Five McHenry County educators appear on the latest Taxpayers United of America’s top 200 Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System pensioners list, which was released Wednesday.
TUA is a tax accountability organization led by President Jim Tobin.
On the list from McHenry County:
• Former School District 300 Superintendent Norm Wetzel, whose current annual pension is $253,917. To date, Wetzel has collected $2,701,557. He contributed $203,194 toward his pension.
• Former School District 155 Superintendent Michael Mills, whose current annual pension is $203,442. To date, Mills has collected $1,777,425. He contributed $221,959 toward his pension.
• Former School District 155 Superintendent Joe Saban, whose current annual pension is $200,746. To date, Saban has collected $2,222,217. He contributed $199,646 toward his pension.
• Former School District 155 Superintendent Jill Hawk, whose current annual pension is $187,983. To date, Hawk has collected $611,447. She contributed $250,017 toward her pension.
• Former District 300 Superintendent Joseph Scime, whose current annual pension is $187,745. To date, Scime has collected $2,958,014. He contributed $133,646 toward his pension.

Medill Reports Chicago|As state’s finances sink, anti-tax group lets barbs, blame fly

Taxpayers United of America’s president, Jim Tobin, was quoted by Medill Reports Chicago about the latest data release of the top 200 Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System pensions..

Taxpayers United of America President Jim Tobin called Wednesday for Illinois taxpayers to oust Speaker of the House Michael Madigan in the upcoming March primary.
As lawmakers continue to grapple with the state’s pension system, which currently has more than $100 million in underfunded obligations, the TUA released its annual analysis of the Illinois’ Teachers’ Retirement System, tabulating the top 200 pension for former state teachers.
“He’s the biggest problem we have in this state,” Tobin said, referring to Madigan. “He’s the biggest single enemy of Illinois taxpayers.”
Madigan, along with the Democratic supermajority in Springfield, and Gov. Bruce Rauner, who Tobin supports, continue to spar over the state’s financial situation.
Madigan has represented the 22nd District on Chicago’s South Side for 45 years but faces an up-start primary challenger, Jason Gonzalez, 41, a Harvard-educated, first-time candidate. Although the TUA does support candidates, the organization has not endorsed Gonzalez.
Tobin said taxpayer anger has existed for sometime, but incumbents like Madigan have remained in office because no viable opposition has emerged. Tobin said he hopes Gonzalez can finally unseat Madigan.
“Boss Madigan has had the Illinois taxpayers in his death grip for far too long,” Tobin said. “There’s no accountability.”
Tobin has his own critics, too.
“Mr.Tobin’s opinions of TRS and other state government agencies have been consistently incorrect for at least 30 years,” David Urbanek, spokesman for the Teachers’ Retirement System wrote in an email. “His criticisms are false and without merit.”
TUA has compiled the annual list for the last decade. Tobin criticized teachers for collecting substantial pension payments and called for Illinois to adopt similar reforms as other states, including Arizona and Wisconsin.
The highest-compensated teacher on the 2016 list is Lawrence Wyllie, a 56-year veteran of Lincoln Way Community High School in New Lennox. Wyllie’s annual pension is about $312,000.
The average annual compensation for the top 10 teachers on the list is $289,900.
The Illinois primary is set for March 15, 2016.



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