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City and County of Shawano, Wisconsin, Stonewalling FOIA Requests

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SHAWANO, WI— “Both the City and County of Shawano, Wisconsin, are stonewalling Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA),” charged Christina Tobin, Vice President of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).
“On April 26, 2011, over two months ago, we submitted FOIA requests to the City and County of Shawano, Wisconsin, and have not been granted the cooperation required by law,” said Tobin.
“I have heard nothing from the City of Shawano — absolutely nothing.”
In my FOIA request to the County of Shawano, I contacted Frank Pascarella, County Administrator, and requested, under the state’s Open Records Law (19.31-39, Wisconsin Statutes), the following information: All full time employees (2010), Name, Title, Department, and W2 wages for year ending 12/31/2010. I received this information minus the names.” Read more

Government School Employees and Retirees of Wayne County Revel at Taxpayer Expense

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WAYNE COUNTY–A new report by Taxpayers United of America (TUA) reveals that many government school employees and retirees of Wayne County, Illinois receive lavish, gold-plated salaries and pensions that far exceed average annual wages of workers in the private sector.
“These outrageous government-employee pensions are bankrupting the state,” said Jim Tobin, TUA President. “Springfield House and Senate Democrats just temporarily raised the state personal income tax 67%, all $6.8 billion taxpayer dollars of which is being used to fund the state’s lavish retired government employee pension programs.” Read more

Revised “Top 100” IL Gov. Pensions Reveals Astronomical Monthly & Annual Payouts

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CHICAGO–A just-released study by Taxpayers United of America (TUA) of the Top 100 pensions received by retired government employees in Illinois, funded by the state’s pension programs, reveals “absolutely astounding” cash payouts, according to the Vice President of TUA.
“Our study shows that as of April 1, 2011, not only has the number of retired Illinois government employees receiving pension benefits of over $100,000 a year climbed to 5,294, an increase of 22% from June 30, 2010, but that the pension payouts to the top 100 government retirees are astronomical by any standard,” said Christina Tobin, TUA Vice President. Read more



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