Illinois Herald|Top 20 State Legislator Pension Recipients

Taxpayers United of America’s (TUA) General Assembly Retirement System analysis was used by Illinois Herald.

March 24, 2016. Springfield. (ONN) Illinois and Chicago may have the most bankrupt and unfunded pension funds in the country. But for members of the elite establishment – former State Representatives and State Senators – there is apparently no shortage of taxpayer funds to make them and their family members multi-millionaires. Here is a list of the top recipients of the Illinois General Assembly pension program. Readers will find some very familiar names.
Gary Hannig, former IL State Rep, will receive an estimated lifetime pension of $5.24 million for working part time as a State Representative.
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Recently, Taxpayers United of America released a list of the largest State Legislature pension recipients. Illinois State Representatives and State Senators have their own separate pension plan. Since being a State Legislator is a part time job and was never meant to be a life-long career, one wonders why they need a pension plan in the first place. Especially when many of the esteemed members of this list are double or triple-dippers – receiving multiple taxpayer-funded pensions at the same time.
Former Illinois State Reps and State Senators receiving the highest pension payments (from Taxpayers United of America and Reboot Illinois):
1. Gary Hannig
State Representative (D-Litchfield)
Estimated lifetime pension: $5.24 million
2. Dan Rutherford
State Treasurer, State Senator (R-Chenoa)
Estimated lifetime pension: $4.96 million
3. Judy Erwin
State Representative (D-Chicago)
Estimated lifetime pension: $4.94 million
4. Jim Edgar
Governor (R)
Estimated lifetime pension: $4.75 million
5. Robert Molaro
State Representative (D-Chicago)
Estimated lifetime pension: $4.31 million
6. Thomas Homer
State Representative (D-Canton)
Estimated lifetime pension: $4.24 million
7. Carl Hawkinson
State Senator (R-Galesburg)
Estimated lifetime pension: $4.11 million
8. Samuel McGrew
State Representative (D-Galesburg)
Estimated lifetime pension: $3.92 million
9. John Friedland
State Senator (R-South Elgin)
Estimated lifetime pension: $3.89 million
10. Edward Petka
State Senator (R-Plainfield)
Estimated lifetime pension: $3.68 million
11. Arthur Berman
State Senator (D-Chicago)
Estimated lifetime pension: $3.67 million
12. Roland Burris
Attorney General, Comptroller (D)
Estimated lifetime pension: $3.46 million
13. James Thompson
Governor (R)
Estimated lifetime pension: $3.38 million
14. Timothy Degan
State Senator (D-Chicago)
Estimated lifetime pension: $3.32 million
15. Pat Quinn
Governor (D)
Estimated lifetime pension: $3.25 million
16. Lee Daniels
State Representative (R-Elmhurst)
Estimated lifetime pension: $2.81 million
17. Richard M. Daley
State Senator, State’s Attorney, Chicago Mayor (D-Chicago)
Estimated lifetime pension: $2.28 million
18. Doris Karpiel
State Senator (R-Carol Stream)
Estimated lifetime pension: $2.02 million
19. Emil Jones
State Senator (D-Chicago)
Estimated lifetime pension: $1.66 million
20. James ‘Pate’ Philip
State Senator (R-Addison)
Estimated lifetime pension: $1.52 million
*Lifetime pension amounts based on an average life expectancy of 85 and a Constitutionally-required 3 percent annual cost of living increase. Figures do not include recipients’ other taxpayer-funded pensions from Chicago, Cook County or other counties, municipalities or government agencies.

Northwest Herald|From the Editor's Desk: SERS pensions take turn in spotlight

Taxpayers United of America’s (TUA) recent TRS & SERS pension data analysis was mentioned by Northwest Herald.

In recent weeks, Taxpayers United of America has released it top 200 list of Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund and Illinois Teacher’s Retirement System pensioners.

 On Thursday, it released its top 200 Illinois State Employees’ Retirement System pensioners.
Some highlights, or lowlights rather, from the list:
• Every annual pension on the list exceeds $118,000;
• 880 people collect pensions in excess of $100,000;
• The average estimated lifetime pension payout is $1,038,456;
• In fiscal 2015, taxpayers paid $1,804,319,356 into the government pension fund;
• In contrast, in fiscal 2015, SERS government employees paid $266,139,156 into their own pension fund;

• Sadashiv D. Parwatikar, retired from Chester Mental Health Center, has the highest annual pension at $207,623. To date, Parwatikar has collected $2,207,725 in pension. He contributed only $121,041;
• Kamal Modir, retired from the Singer Mental Health Center, tops the list for the most pension collected to date: $2,652,929. He paid $101,605 into his pension.

Alton Daily News|Cook County Population in Decline

Taxpayers United of America’s (TUA) Director of Operations, Jared Labell was mentioned by Alton Daily News on Cook County’s population decline.

As Cook County taxes rise, taxpayers in the Chicago area are choosing to vote with their dollars and deciding to leave, according to Taxpayers United of America.
Data from the U.S. Census Bureau released Thursday indicates the state’s largest county is declining in population. Between 2014 and 2015, 10,500 residents left Cook County. That’s the largest population decline among counties nationwide, according to the Census Bureau, and the first population decline in the county since 2007.
Jared Labell, director of operations for Taxpayers United of America, says the county’s continual tax increases have left certain residents with no choice.
“Chicago, in an effort to raise revenue to pay for their financial misgivings over the years as well as the pensions, they’re taxing residents out of the city,” Labell said.
He adds that tax increases in Cook County, including property taxes, alcohol and tobacco taxes and even taxes on Internet streaming services like Netflix, have prompted some residents to pack their bags.
“Taxpayers are being hit hard and so they’re making that choice to vote with their feet and leave,” Labell said. “And we’re seeing that also throughout the state of Illinois, unfortunately.”
Census figures also show 6,300 residents left the Chicago metropolitan area, the first population decrease in the city since 1990. Labell says residents who are leaving the area are moving to surrounding suburbs, neighboring states like Wisconsin and Indiana, and even moving to more taxpayer-friendly states like Florida and Texas.



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