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No Property Tax Increase is Temporary for Glenbard SD 87!

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Chicago – “Glenbard SD 87 government bureaucrats are trying to pass a $35 million property tax increase referendum that will keep your property taxes from decreasing when the current bond debt is paid off,” stated Jim Tobin, president of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).
“While home values have decreased, state income taxes have increased 67%, and Social Security tax has increased 44%, government school bureaucrats insist that you should give them even more money!”
“This is nothing more than a money grab by greedy government bureaucrats who will tax everything they can to prop up their own salaries and pensions. 309 District 87 employees make over $100,000 for less than 9 months a year.
“Illinois already has the second highest property taxes in the country and an unemployment rate of 8.6%. SD 87 government bureaucrats should take the pay cut this time instead of taxpayers. These government bureaucrats enjoy higher than average pay, premium healthcare, early retirement, lavish pensions, and nearly iron-clad job security.”140205_glenbard
“Here is a sampling of SD 87 employees who make over $100,000: 309 total, 3 art, 3 woodworking, 3 drama, 14 Drivers Ed, 4 music, 7 Librarians, 2 nurses, 27 Phys. Ed, 30 Learning behavior specialists, 2 vocal music.”
“So why are taxpayers in Glenbard SD 87 being asked to take yet another pay cut? This is not about the kids. This is about propping up the bloated bureaucracy that sucks wealth away from taxpayers for the purpose of propping up the government school cabal.”
“Taxpayers can download a copy of our flyer at HERE and get the word out to friends and neighbors, that temporary property tax increases can be temporary by voting NO to $35 million more on March 18.”

Springfield Tax Villains Push to Raise State Income Tax on 85% of Illinoisans

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CHICAGO—Taxpayers United of America (TUA) has released the list of Illinois state legislators who have supported one or more resolutions that seek to add an amendment to the Illinois Constitution to implement a graduated state income tax, announced Jim Tobin, TUA President.
“Led by machine bosses Gov. Patrick J. Quinn (D), House Speaker Michael J. Madigan (D), and Sen. Pres. John Cullerton (D), the tax villains on our list are making a push to raise income taxes on 85% of Illinois taxpayers,” said Tobin.
“This grab for taxpayer wealth has one purpose only: to prop up the bankrupt state government pension system that provides lavish, gold-plated pensions and benefits.”
“These tax villains are expecting 85% of taxpayers to take a huge pay cut so they and their government cronies can continue to rake in higher than average pay, earlier than average retirement, nearly iron-clad job security, multi-million dollar pensions, and deluxe taxpayer-funded health care.”
“How lavish are these pensions for retired government employees? One example is retired government high school teacher, Beverly Lopatka, who retired at the age of 56 and collects annual pension payments totaling $399,652. Over a normal lifetime, that will accumulate to a staggering estimated total pension payout of $11,524,643. The system is unsustainable and downright immoral.”
Tobin added that Illinois has over 10,000 retired government employees who receive annual pensions over $100,000.
“The graduated income tax Quinn, Cullerton and Madigan want will have its top tier as high as 11.5%. In other words, the most productive citizens and businesses that remain in the state will be punished, and those individuals and businesses that have had enough will leave Illinois for states with lower taxes. This will put Illinois into an economic death-spiral.”
“Illinois is second highest in the country in property taxes, second in unemployment, is projected by Moody’s to have the worst job growth in 2014, and, not surprisingly, has the highest number of productive residents moving out of the state.”
“The economic future of Illinois is at stake, and, as Illinois goes, so will the economic future of its citizens. The Democrat members of the state legislature, who have a majority in both houses, must be thrown from office if Illinois is to survive economically. If they remain in power, Illinois could become another Detroit, but on a much larger scale.”
“Below is the complete list of Tax Villains, all of whom are Democrats, that support the graduated income tax, and are ready to sell Illinois down the river. A downloadable copy of the list can be found here.
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Village of Rochester to Vote on Home Rule March 18

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140213_rochesterflyer-1“Rochester Village bureaucrats are hoping to strip voters of their right to vote on property tax increases by placing a Home Rule referendum on the March 18 ballot,” stated Jim Tobin, president of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).
“Rochester government bureaucrats want to raise taxes at a time when we should be cutting taxes. Home Rule is ‘Home Ruin’ because it gives unlimited taxing authority to bureaucrats who just love to recklessly spend other people’s money. Home rule always means higher taxes.”
“This is nothing more than a money grab by greedy government bureaucrats who will tax everything they can to prop up their own salaries and pensions.”
“By increasing or adding taxes to products and services in Rochester, savvy customers will go elsewhere to escape the higher taxes imposed through Home Rule. The last thing Rochester businesses need is to give customers a reason to spend money elsewhere.”
“Voters in Rochester need to vote NO to stop Home Rule and force the village government to live within its means, just like they, the taxpayers, must do.”
“Taxpayers can download a copy of our flyer at and get the word out to friends and neighbors, that they have a chance to retain their right to vote on tax increases by voting NO to stop home rule in Rochester.”



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