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“Home Rule” is one of the most financially devastating schemes Illinois politicians have ever come up with, according to Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).

“Home Rule means, literally, Home Rule Unlimited Taxing Power,” said Tobin. “A Home Rule municipality can create just about any tax under the sun, and raise taxes without limit.”

Under the Illinois Constitution, any municipality with a population over 25,000 automatically has Home Rule, until taxpayers repeal their Home Rule by voter initiative. Conversely, if the population drops back below 25,000, Home Rule is rescinded unless a referendum to continue is approved by voters.

“A Home Rule Community can raise property taxes without voter approval,” said Tobin. “It can create new taxes on businesses, services, groceries, gasoline and even parking without voter approval. Local politicians can protect their salaries and lavish, gold-plated pensions, and even increase their own benefits without voter approval.”

“Over the years, we have had great success helping local taxpayer groups defeat Home Rule referenda in municipalities with less than 25,000 persons. On March 20, 2012, we helped defeat all 6 Home Rule referenda. We distributed our ‘Vote No’ flyers in these communities, and the local response was outstanding.”

“There are 9 Home Rule referenda on the November 6, 2012 ballot, and we will help these 9 communities stop the tax-raisers in their tracks.”

Download “Home Rule” flyers below:

“In Mt. Vernon, taxpayers will vote to repeal Home Rule. In Maywood, Westmont, Edwardsville and Homer Glen, where populations fell below 25,000, the greedy politicians have placed referenda on the ballot to continue Home Rule. And in Harrisburg, Elkville, River Forest and Kenilworth, local tax-raising politicians have placed referenda on the ballot to establish Home Rule.”

“Illinoisans are fleeing the state in record numbers to get out from under the ‘tax and spenders’ and these bureaucrats still don’t get it. Instead of shrinking spending to match shrinking populations, they continually look for ways to make up “lost revenue”.

“We will work to give taxpayers another clean-sweep this November, defeating all 9 attempts to establish or continue Home Rule Taxing Powers.”

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  • Posted July 22, 2014

    Jim Tarbet

    Please do not share, Strictly a warning of the impending issue.
    Lake Zurich is contemplating a Home Rule referendum for the November ballot (decision before Aug 18.).
    Their last attempt was in 1998, losing by 70.2-29.8%.
    Now that the Village is in trouble due to mismanagement (prior boards), they are looking for revenue with all the promises. As we all know, the promises do not hold water.
    Much of their promotion is based on Jim Benovitz & NIU. A lot is based on the 80% of Illinois is under it, and 55% of the municipalities. What is not mentioned is that most acquired it before PTELL. Many others passed it because of the supposed benefits – powers they’ve never used.

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