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Chicago-Tax Accountability, the political action arm of Taxpayers United of America, is proud to endorse three outstanding candidates for the upcoming April 6th Illinois Elections. These candidates include:
Zach Mottl – Burr Ridge Trustee
Elena Galinski – Burr Ridge Trustee
Eric Dubiel – Lake Zurich Trustee (Eric’s run was featured in the April 5thChicago Tribune)
“If I were in either Burr Ridge or Lake Zurich, I would vote for these candidates,” said Jim Tobin, chairman of Tax Accountability. “I know these candidates are pro-taxpayer, and are against Home Rule for their local municipality. Home Rule, or at least the version developed by the state of Illinois, has been described as the most insidious form of government anywhere in the United States of America. It not only robs citizens on their right to vote on tax increases, but also allows government bureaucrats limitless spending powers.”
“Few candidates seeking office in Illinois will pledge before an election to fight on behalf of taxpayers. Fewer still actively fight for taxpayers. I personally know two of these candidates. They have fought hard on behalf of taxpayers, and I am confident that they will continue to fight for taxpayers.”
“I wish that all of them achieve a resounding success this election cycle.”