Taxpayers United of America to Celebrate 38th Anniversary

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CHICAGO—Taxpayers United of America (TUA) will celebrate its 38th anniversary on June 27, 2014, according to Katie McNeilly, TUA Director of Operations.
“TUA has grown to become one of the largest taxpayer organizations in the country,” said McNeilly. “It was founded in 1976 by legendary activist and noted economist, Jim Tobin. Since that time, we have saved taxpayers over $200 billion in income, property, sales, and other taxes.”
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“Under Jim’s leadership, TUA has helped local taxpayer groups defeat 203 property-tax-increase referenda.”
“We also have defeated 18 attempts to raise the Illinois state income tax, and since 1992, have defeated every attempt to introduce a graduated state income tax.”
“In 1989, we helped our members defeat Ronald Reagan’s tax increase on senior citizens, the so-called ‘catastrophic’ health care bill. Our members chased U.S. Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, down the street, forcing him to take refuge in his limousine. Soon after, the rest of the members in the U.S. House of Representatives got the message and repealed the tax.”
“TUA has led the way in releasing government employees’ names and pension payments here in Illinois and around the country. We have analyzed and exposed government employee pensions in 19 states so far.”
“We are conducting workshops across the country, sharing the methods and tips that Jim Tobin has pioneered in government pension analysis and grassroots tax activism.”
“As our organization continues to grow in size and influence, we look forward to even greater victories on behalf of taxpayers.”

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  1. Would like to have some one come to Morton Illinois to talk on TUA at the Morton9.12 party sometime next spring or early summer. If so what would the cost be. Thank you Jackie Mayer



Taxpayers United Of America: (TUA). is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(4) taxpayer advocacy group. Founded June 27, 1976 in Chicago, Illinois by activist and economist Jim Tobin, TUA works on behalf of taxpayers to reduce local, state, and federal taxes. In the past forty years, TUA has saved taxpayers more than $200 billion n taxes and has become one of the largest taxpayer organizations in America. Check All posts. s.


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