Tom Wilbeck for McHenry County Board District 1

Tom Wilbeck

Tom Wilbeck

Tom Wilbeck is a candidate for McHenry County Board District 1.  Tom brings proven elected leadership that is practical and strategic, and he is known for his visible and vocal representation of his constituency.
Tom spent his professional career in the the financial services industry and is recently retired from his own financial consulting business.  Tom allows his common-sense approach to business and real life to shape his civic engagement and legislative philosophy.
In 2013, Tom was elected Trustee at McHenry County College.  As a conservative voice, he championed legislation to hold the tax levy flat, stopped a $40 million expansion, saved money and transitioned jobs by outsourcing janitorial services, and led a successful communication and meeting transparency initiative,
Tom also served on the Planning Commission for Seneca Township as a Seneca Township Trustee (2001-2005).
Tom, a resident of McHenry County since 1991, is married to his wife Sharon (42 years) and has four grown children.

“Tax Accountability is pleased to endorse Tom Wilbeck for the McHenry County Board District 1 in the March 15, 2016 Illinois primary. Mr. Wilbeck has pledged to support economic freedom by working to decrease the overall tax burden of Illinois taxpayers. Mr. Wilbeck has expressed an exceptional desire to fight taxes and support economic growth in Illinois and he has a proven record of defending the interests of taxpayers. I urge voters to support Mr. Wilbeck’s candidacy and help put a true tax fighter on the McHenry County Board.”
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